Back and Neck Pain Treatment

Non-Surgical Back and Neck Pain Care From Our Gainesville GA Chiropractor

If you're suffering from neck pain, back pain or both, you may be struggling with such basic issues as performing household tasks, putting in a normal day's work and getting a full night's sleep. Acute or chronic pain that affects either part of your spinal column can be resolved or managed without turning to invasive surgery or heavy medications. Our Gainesville GA chiropractor, Dr. Flemons, can administer a variety of conservative treatment methods to bring you significant pain relief.

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Pain and the Spinal Column

Your neck and back are both complex structures with one major component in common: the spinal column. This series of vertebrae is articulated by numerous joints called facet joints, with the vertebrae cushioned by cartilaginous discs. Chronic degenerative conditions can affect both joints and discs to create neck and/or back pain. For instance, aging discs often lose fluid content, which causes them to become flatter.This not only reduces the cushioning against life's bumps and jolts, but it also pulls on the facet joints to create chronic strain. This can contribute to facet syndrome, a form of spinal osteoarthritis. Bulging discs in either the neck or back can also herniate, pressing inflammatory inner material against sensitive nerve roots.

The soft tissues that support and reinforce your neck and back are also subject to painful problems. A simple spinal misalignment that throws you off balance can leave you with ongoing muscular aches and pains in your back, while poor head posture from overuse of mobile devices can cause a form of neck strain known as "text neck." A traumatic event such as auto accident can cause acute muscle strains and stretched ligaments on top of spinal misalignment and herniated discs from the top of your neck to the lowest point on your back.

Our Chiropractor Can Treat Your Neck or Back Pain Naturally

Back or neck surgery is a serious procedure, so you're right to seek conservative solutions first. Drugs may reduce pain temporarily, but they can't resolve the root causes of your distress -- for that, you need Injury Relief Chiropractic. Our chiropractor will examine your spine for evidence of disc trouble, nerve compression, spinal arthritis and other issues while also studying your symptoms and medical history. This enables us to identify all the causes of your neck and/or back pain.

We can include several different treatment options in your personalized healing and pain relief program. Chiropractic adjustments can relieve facet joint stress, restore normal joint motion and improve spinal alignment. Massage therapy, cold laser therapy and electrical muscle stimulation can help soft tissues experience relief and heal faster, while lifestyle adjustments can help you avoid ergonomic problems.

Hurting in New Holland, Oakwood or Gainesville GA?

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