Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Carpal Tunnel Treatment With Our Gainesville GA Chiropractor

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Gainesville GA residents and those living in the nearby communities of New Holland, Westside and Woodlake are welcome to visit Injury Relief Chiropractic for alternative health care. When you are looking for the natural pain relief of chiropractic care, our Gainesville chiropractor brings a variety of treatment options to cure your ailments. Dr. Flemons focuses on placing your body into a healing position for fast recovery and pain relief. She uses the best of your mental and physical strengths to ease the discomfort of carpal tunnel treatment and prevent future carpal tunnel concerns. For effective carpal tunnel pain relief, we encourage you to talk with our Gainesville GA chiropractor today.

Chiropractic Care for Carpal Tunnel Pain

Carpal tunnel pain typically originates in your wrist, but you may also feel pain, weakness or numbness in your hands or fingers. The culprit of this pain is compression on the meridian nerve that passes through a small tunnel-like structure in your wrist. If this structure begins to shrink due to conditions such as:

• Inflammation- overuse or poor functioning in your wrists and hands may cause the tendons and muscle to swell. If this happens, the inflammation in the tissue may take over the space designated for the nerve. As a result, you feel discomfort, weakness or a tingling sensation.
• Poor wrist alignment- the bones in your wrist may slip out of alignment due to an injury, years of poor placement or overuse. For example, if you are an active tennis or golf player, your forearm muscles may be unbalanced and begin to pull on the bones in your wrist. If these bones slip together, the size of the carpal tunnel may decrease and place pressure on the nerve.
• Injury- an injury from sports, work or an auto accident may also aggravate the nerve in your wrist. 

Our chiropractor evaluates your wrist pain to determine the reasons why you are feeling discomfort. Then, Dr. Flemons uses gentle chiropractic adjustments to set your wrist into pain-free alignment. This alleviates pressure on the nerves, decreases your pain and restores your hand mobility. Our health team will also show you daily changes you can make to benefit your condition. We educate you on the value of proper hand alignment when using a computer or playing racquet sports. 

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Dr. Flemons and the support team at Injury Relief Chiropractic are proud to bring you natural treatment for carpal tunnel pain. Our chiropractic adjustments are gentle and reduce pain in your wrist, hand and forearm. As you progress through your care, you find long-lasting relief and a preventive way to eliminate a return of your condition. Dr. Flemons shows you ways to stretch and strengthen your wrists to alleviate your discomfort throughout the day so you remain active and productive. You will find relief after your first appointment and lasting pain relief is within your reach. To schedule your appointment for carpal tunnel treatment, please contact us today at 770-535-0850.