Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica Treatment With Our Gainesville GA Chiropractor


Injury Relief Chiropractic is home to Dr. Flemons, our Gainesville GA chiropractor. Dr. Flemons understands your concerns and questions when it comes to searching for sciatica treatment options. She welcomes residents of Oakwood, New Holland, Gainesville and the surrounding GA cities to Injury Relief Chiropractic for natural sciatica treatments. Our health team works with your body's innate healing abilities to remove your lower back pain and restore your mobility. Whether your sciatica occurred instantly following an auto accident or if it has gradually been increasing in intensity due to overuse or poor posture, our effective treatment options begin to work immediately.

Chiropractic Care for Sciatica Relief in New Holland, Oakwood and Gainesville GA

Dr. Flemons evaluates your low back pain to determine if sciatica is the cause. Other symptoms that typically accompany sciatica include:

  • Pain that extends into your hips and legs
  • Muscle weakness in legs
  • Leg numbness or tingling
  • Increased pain with movement or long durations of sitting
  • Inability to sit or sleep comfortably

Sciatica includes a combination of symptoms that all begin with a compromised nerve in your lower back. When this nerve feels pressure from a slipped disc, misaligned vertebrae or inflammation, it interrupts nerve signal flow to your lower back and legs. Dr. Flemons uses chiropractic adjustments to free this nerve and restore a healthier signal and circulation flow. Gentle adjustments position the vertebrae of your spine into an alignment that does not compress the nerve. This also encourages healing for herniated discs and reduces inflammation in the area. Our wellness team works together to reduce your discomfort and we may combine massage therapy and corrective exercises to improve your recovery. Massages eliminate muscle tension that may be contributing to your spinal misalignments. Plus, massage therapy reduces scar tissue that may further disrupt your mobility. Physical therapy uses exercises to strengthen the area around your lower back to support a healthier posture and eliminate pain. We also provide stretching activities to improve your flexibility and eliminate lower back and leg pain. Our health team works together to educate you on lifestyle changes to improve your comfort level such as sitting and sleeping habits. These treatment options work immediately and long-term to provide effective results.

Contact our Gainesville Ga Chiropractor for Sciatica Relief

Dr. Flemons is available to diagnose your condition and develop your chiropractic care treatment plan. Sciatica symptoms may come and go so you may put off treatment, but we recommend you see us at the start of your symptoms to avoid any chronic concerns. Plus, earlier treatment reduces your pain and helps you quickly return to work or enjoyable physical activities. Sciatica symptoms do not have to interfere with your life. Chiropractic care is a natural and effective treatment for your lower back pain, leg discomfort and limited mobility. As you become more aware of your posture, you begin to see and feel improvements in all areas. Please schedule your healing appointment today by calling us at 770-535-0850.